Transforming the way we do change

Educate and equip members and partners with the tools and techniques that enable them to implement and embed effective change and transformation in the workplace of the future.

ACMP East Coast Australia Chapter

We are a not-for-profit global change management community, who attract top talent from around the world, including experienced practitioners who are changing the way change and transformation is implemented and embedded across organisations. 

ACMP’s ‘All Member Connect’ is an open forum to which all members are automatically subscribed. The platform is an exclusive opportunity to interact with and learn from thousands of change practitioners from around the globe on a broad spectrum of Change Management topics.

It is also an exciting tool to stay up to date with upcoming events, learning and development and the opportunity to leverage your personal brand and to take advantage of expanding your professional network globally by accessing global speakers and other like-minded practitioners situated all over the world.

We have developed a range of exciting products and services that include:


The unification of like-minded business people to create change in the workplace.

Change Management


Positive Psychology

Mental Health & Well-being

Diversity & Inclusion

AI & Robotics

About Us

We offer professional support in the world of change

As change practitioners we are faced with new ways of working that require a wide range of skills and capabilities, not traditionally associated with change management. In bringing this community together into the East Coast Australia Chapter we are able to engage, educate and enable our members to embrace an inclusive and collaborative approach to address the new challenges that are impacting all of us.  


Our team


Transforming the way change is applied to deliver shareholder value and Return on Investment in any organisation.

Educate and equip members and partners with the tools and techniques that enable them to implement and embed effective change and transformation in the workplace of the future.

Peter Cully


An experienced, results oriented and transformation leader who has worked internationally and in Australia to deliver enterprise-wide organisational change across major transformation programs. Peter has designed, developed and implemented change and transformation capabilities to embed and sustain the benefits of change, and to enable leaders to navigate ever-changing business environments to deliver sustainable shareholder value and increases in ROI.

A pragmatic business and people leader, Peter has built high performance teams capable of delivering increases in productivity, ‘fit for purpose’ lean solutions and effective digital transformation.

David Maybin

Vice President

David is passionate about leading change and in making a difference, with over twenty five years experience in driving transformational change programs for organisations in both the public and private sectors.

David is focussed on delivering real change for real people, especially given the challenges that we are all facing.

He is recognised as a thought leader and mentor on the impacts of transformational change and in adopting new approaches with the focus on people and in delivering real business outcomes.  

Our Values are what makes us different


Our duty is to demonstrate honesty through understanding the truth and acting in a truthful manner both in our communications and in our conduct.


Be consistent in our commitment to being impartial, objective, open, following due process and applying a sense of proportionality in our dealings with each other.


Take full ownership for all decisions we make, the actions we take and the consequences of our actions. Uphold our Code of Ethics and hold ourselves and others accountable to this.


Acknowledge and honour the absolute dignity of every person. Support an environment where diverse perspectives and views are encouraged and valued.


Create a community that consistently strives to deliver best practice and added value to our clients, members, partners, colleagues and the organisations we work in.

The objective being to equip us all with the tools and techniques to embed effective change and transformation in the workplace of the future.

We are at the start of our journey and it is the best time to join us!


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