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ACMP ANZ Academy’s vision is to “Transform the way we deliver Change.” Our Knowledge Centre is a key enabler of this vision by offering:

Literature on the topics that overlap with Change Management, such as Operational Risk, Organisational Design and Culture, Business Transformation, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Welfare & Safety and Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging to provide you with a broader perspective as a professional able to consider change across industry, discipline and the inherent challenges.
Access to a professional Resources webpage with content such as checklists, tools and templates, frameworks, survey questionnaires and change management reporting dashboards.
Through access to our Learning provider to study for and gain certificates for the CCMP, and other change certificates. More courses of overlapping relevance with change management will be added.


Our Knowledge Centre is designed for anyone interested in the field of change management and the fields that overlap with change. The Academy content caters for a breadth of experience and skills ranging from absolute novice in Change Management to experts looking to deepen their knowledge on specialist topics.

Academy ACMP Benefits for Members Australia
Overcoming resistance to Change within your organisation ACMP Academy


A library of on-demand resources, including change management white papers, webinars, and short videos on key change management topics – these are all free to Members of ACMP as part of their membership .

Our Knowledge Centre contains a growing body of literature on a range of topics which support the change management discipline. From material on foundational change management to inter-disciplinary topics, and specialist skills.

Resource topics:

Change Management Foundations – encompasses core competencies of the change management discipline as set out by the ACMP Standard.

Strategy & Transformation.

Psychology – explores psychological concepts and frameworks which support successful change.

Collaborative Disciplines - focuses on the power of leveraging collaborative professions and capabilities that are essential to Change Management.

Business and Digital Transformation covering Product management, Agile SAFE, UX / CX, Human Design.

Strategic and Operational Risk Management.

Take advantage of our resources

We have gathered together multiple courses, papers, training and more. To access our chapter Professional Resources,  you are required to join the ACMP ANZ Inc as an ACMP Global Member.

Professional Resources

Professional Resources

As a member you will have access to rich content and materials on this page (e.g. frameworks, checklists, templates and toolkits, assessment frameworks, methodologies, survey questionnaires, specialised white papers and publications).


Academy Library Overview

Academy Library

The Academy Library contains on-demand reference material by a range of experts in change management. These resources range from white papers, to recorded webinars, to short videos on key change management topics. Visitors of ACMP ANZ benefit from access to these resources for free.