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What is Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging?

Cultivating a diverse professional culture is a complex and worthy pursuit. Diverse cultures position employees to thrive individually and to bring out the best in each other. Enabling diversity is no token gesture; it’s no rote filling of quotas. It means fostering a singular professional landscape that an array of professionals truly sees as their own. This requires leaders’ sensitivity, awareness and guidance. Inclusion and… Read More »What is Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging?

It’s not about the office, it’s about belonging

To retain employees, organisations need to evolve their approach to building community, cohesion, and a sense of belonging at work. By Aaron De Smet, Bonnie Dowling, Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi and Joe Spratt Originally published by McKinsey & Company January 13, 2022 Leaders are increasingly worried about the impact of the past 20-plus months on company culture, connectivity, and cohesion. Our recent Great Attrition survey justifies their… Read More »It’s not about the office, it’s about belonging