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Diversity & Inclusion

Mindfulness and Pop Culture: Charting the Course to Diversity and Inclusion

By Dr Elizabeth King Cultivating Mindfulness: A Strategic Approach to Championing Robust Diversity and Inclusion Practices The business landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift, with diversity and inclusion (D&I) evolving from being buzzwords to becoming essential components of corporate strategies. This transition is backed by compelling evidence: Companies boasting diverse teams and inclusive cultures consistently outperform and outshine their less diverse competitors. However, implementing effective… Read More »Mindfulness and Pop Culture: Charting the Course to Diversity and Inclusion

What is Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging?

Cultivating a diverse professional culture is a complex and worthy pursuit. Diverse cultures position employees to thrive individually and to bring out the best in each other. Enabling diversity is no token gesture; it’s no rote filling of quotas. It means fostering a singular professional landscape that an array of professionals truly sees as their own. This requires leaders’ sensitivity, awareness and guidance. Inclusion and… Read More »What is Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging?

Integrating Change Management in your DEI Interventions

By LaKisha Brooks Published 6 February 2021 at HR Exchange Network Many organizations are in the process of planning, designing, or implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. These interventions are typically aligned with overall strategic goals and are expected to garner tangible and intangible results. Though there is great anticipation for the rollouts, it is essential to consider an effective change management strategy. In… Read More »Integrating Change Management in your DEI Interventions