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Don’t try to just *sound* like a change expert

You know, some change managers like to pretend that they have this whole “change approach” thing figured out… These change managers show up on projects with a rigid vision and too many assumptions about how the change *should* be managed without customising their approach to their stakeholders or to the change. Instead of tailoring their language to their audience, they generally use too much technical… Read More »Don’t try to just *sound* like a change expert

Metrics & KPIs for Measuring Change Management, according to 2 Change Leaders

By Hannah Wren Originally published here The only constant in life is change—and it’s difficult to embrace the unknown. That’s why the employee experience is essential to change management, when leaders are charged with supporting their teams through adjusting to new and different ways of working. It helps to think of employees as customers. Customer experience teams evaluate the customer journey before, during, and after… Read More »Metrics & KPIs for Measuring Change Management, according to 2 Change Leaders

Words Make An Impact

Published by Douglas Flory Originally published here As Change Practitioners/Managers/Leaders/Experts, we often ‘translate’ technical jargon into ‘everyday’ terms for our audience to understand what is expected. We do this in our roles to help others succeed before, during, and after the launch of ‘the new’. We also promote empathy, inclusion, and an understanding of cultural perspectives in our work. These three attributes add value to… Read More »Words Make An Impact

Overcoming resistance to Change within your organisation

Overcoming resistance to change within your organisation

Originally published by Kealy Spring October 2021 Ever heard the saying, “the only constant is change?” It’s starting to become cliche. But also true. To a large extent, change is inevitable. In an organisation, that change can come in many forms. Yet despite the constancy of it, people are overwhelmingly resistant to change. It can be difficult to adjust to something new, but change isn’t… Read More »Overcoming resistance to change within your organisation

Many faces of change

The many faces of change

What transformation leaders now understand about preparing for large-scale change. Published by Deloitte Originally published here ‘Impact assessment’ ‘Change readiness’ ‘Tactical communications’ These are three examples of core characteristics to any successful change management plan, and terms transformation leaders have likely heard before. However, with large-scale change programs becoming more and more complex, requiring a mix of specialist capabilities such as experience design, branding and… Read More »The many faces of change

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Change Management

Published by by N. Anand and Jean-Louis Barsoux Originally published here Corporate transformations still have a miserable success rate, even though scholars and consultants have significantly improved our understanding of how they work. Studies consistently report that about three-quarters of change efforts flop—either they fail to deliver the anticipated benefits or they are abandoned entirely. Because flawed implementation is most often blamed for such failures,… Read More »What Everyone Gets Wrong About Change Management

The Secret to Leading Organisational Change is Empathy

Published by Patti Sanchez Link to original article can be found here I’m working with a CEO who’s in the midst of rethinking her company’s strategy so it can better meet customer demands and thrive financially. These are major changes that will affect every aspect of how the firm operates — from the services it offers to the structure of her organization. When I sat… Read More »The Secret to Leading Organisational Change is Empathy