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Don’t try to just *sound* like a change expert

You know, some change managers like to pretend that they have this whole “change approach” thing figured out… These change managers show up on projects with a rigid vision and too many assumptions about how the change *should* be managed without customising their approach to their stakeholders or to the change. Instead of tailoring their language to their audience, they generally use too much technical… Read More »Don’t try to just *sound* like a change expert

What is Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging?

Cultivating a diverse professional culture is a complex and worthy pursuit. Diverse cultures position employees to thrive individually and to bring out the best in each other. Enabling diversity is no token gesture; it’s no rote filling of quotas. It means fostering a singular professional landscape that an array of professionals truly sees as their own. This requires leaders’ sensitivity, awareness and guidance. Inclusion and… Read More »What is Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging?

Five Unexpected Ways Leadership Teams Become Unhealthy

Published by Dr. Temre GreenHead of Consulting, Australia and New Zealand, Human Performance Technology by DTS In the 2021 Global Leadership Forecast, undertaken by DDI Consulting, Ernst & Young and The Conference Board, CEOs indicated that their top talent challenge was developing the next generation of leaders. It’s a competitive talent market. Companies need to have a leadership development strategy in place or risk losing… Read More »Five Unexpected Ways Leadership Teams Become Unhealthy

Metrics & KPIs for Measuring Change Management, according to 2 Change Leaders

By Hannah Wren Originally published here The only constant in life is change—and it’s difficult to embrace the unknown. That’s why the employee experience is essential to change management, when leaders are charged with supporting their teams through adjusting to new and different ways of working. It helps to think of employees as customers. Customer experience teams evaluate the customer journey before, during, and after… Read More »Metrics & KPIs for Measuring Change Management, according to 2 Change Leaders

Making Joy a Priority at Work

Making Joy a Priority at Work

Published by Alex Liu Originally published here Amid the dazzle and hopes of the digital age, it is easy to forget that old-fashioned human desire is as essential to achieving business goals as ever. Right now, for example, companies are making massive investments in technologies that can more closely link their people to each other, to customers, and to other stakeholders. Yet many companies struggle… Read More »Making Joy a Priority at Work

Unlearn Management, Relearn Being Human

Unlearn Management, Relearn Being Human

When we lead from the awareness that we all have more commonalities than differences, we can create a beneficial ripple effect for those we lead. Published by Ramus Hougaard Originally published here When we lead from the awareness that we all have Management and leadership: The two words may seem synonymous, but in practice they are quite different. Management is about managing others. Leadership is… Read More »Unlearn Management, Relearn Being Human

Mental Health Terms at Work

Published by Dr. Temre Green The role of the manager is once again expanding. Supporting people in the context of retention, engagement, motivation and growth has always been a part of this role – but with growing pressure and levels of uncertainty at work, supporting people is requiring more depth. This may not have been covered back in business school, but it couldn’t be more… Read More »Mental Health Terms at Work

Words Make An Impact

Published by Douglas Flory Originally published here As Change Practitioners/Managers/Leaders/Experts, we often ‘translate’ technical jargon into ‘everyday’ terms for our audience to understand what is expected. We do this in our roles to help others succeed before, during, and after the launch of ‘the new’. We also promote empathy, inclusion, and an understanding of cultural perspectives in our work. These three attributes add value to… Read More »Words Make An Impact

Overcoming resistance to Change within your organisation

Overcoming resistance to change within your organisation

Originally published by Kealy Spring October 2021 Ever heard the saying, “the only constant is change?” It’s starting to become cliche. But also true. To a large extent, change is inevitable. In an organisation, that change can come in many forms. Yet despite the constancy of it, people are overwhelmingly resistant to change. It can be difficult to adjust to something new, but change isn’t… Read More »Overcoming resistance to change within your organisation

Many faces of change

The many faces of change

What transformation leaders now understand about preparing for large-scale change. Published by Deloitte Originally published here ‘Impact assessment’ ‘Change readiness’ ‘Tactical communications’ These are three examples of core characteristics to any successful change management plan, and terms transformation leaders have likely heard before. However, with large-scale change programs becoming more and more complex, requiring a mix of specialist capabilities such as experience design, branding and… Read More »The many faces of change