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Our vision is to transform the way we do change which is informed by the various methodologies of change management and the multiple areas that overlap with change management to enable the delivery of effective business transformation across diverse industries and scenarios that we are faced with in the workplace.

Our courses will increasingly reflect this over the coming year. We are aiming to raise the awareness and capabilities of our Members to deal with these evolving requirements in the market, and looking to better equip them to advise on and assist in delivering effective projects, programs and business transformation.

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Education Resources

Title wdt_ID Description Subject Categories Date Added Author / Presenter / Source Delivery Method Qualification
How to Identify Bias and take action 24

A mini series of bite sized videos and quizzes on How to Identify Bias and take action.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging 31/03/2022 Bron Williams Online Certificate
Emotional Intelligence Series 23

A great practical series to effectively develop relationships and relate to people.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging 31/03/2022 RAPL Online Certificate
jTask (QEP) CCMP Training 19

The ACMP® Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) certification is a must-have for anyone pursuing a career in Change Management.

Change Management 31/03/2022 Roger Watson Online Certificate
Negotiation Skills 22

Negotiation Skills to Master in the Workplace

Other 31/03/2022 RAPL Online Certificate
Change Management Fundamentals: Stakeholder Analysis 20

A step-by-step guide to creating a Stakeholder Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Change Management 31/03/2022 Kristen Hassan Online Certificate
Certificate In Change Management 28

Covers material from The Eight Constants of Change book and the toolkit found in The Change Management Pocket Guide.

Change Management 05/04/2022 Online or In-person Certificate
Positive Psychology & Wellbeing 25

Learn more about the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Sue Langley and Yulia Zlatkin introduce the science behind the course.

Positive Psychology 31/03/2022 Sue Langley Online Introduction
Measuring Wellbeing Effectively 26

Measuring wellbeing is more important than ever both personally and professionally. Register to learn how you can measure wellbeing in your office.

Mental Health & Wellbeing 31/03/2022 Sue Langley Online Certificate
Learn with Sue 27

Gain clarity, confidence, inner strength and energy to be the best version of you.

Other 31/03/2022 Sue Langley Online
Change Management Boot Camp (QEP) 29

Participants raise their change management fitness through a practical and results oriented program.

Change Management 05/04/2022 Michelle Yanahan Live Virtual Certificate
Subject Categories

ACMP Global Professional Development

The following are further opportunities to develop your Change Management skills and competencies through ACMP Global and the array of high calibre expert speakers that present at the events, webinars and masterclasses. 

Overcoming resistance to Change within your organisation

ACMP Global Masterclasses

Masterclasses are virtual experiences consisting of advanced, in-depth sessions. Engaging, informative, and collaborative, Masterclass will expand and enhance your expertise within the change management discipline. From discussions, panels, or…

ACMP Global Events and Webinars

ACMP’s member webinars are one of many invaluable member benefits. Each webinar features high profile change experts on current best practices and trends in Change Management. By participating in…

Change Management Training Providers (QEP)

ACMP’s Qualified Education Providers™ (QEP™) deliver change management training and continuing education courses that align to ACMP’s Standard for Change Management© and adult education best practices. Courses in this category can help you kick start your career in Organisational Change Management, pursue your professional development, or refresh your accreditation and qualifications.

There are several ACMP QEP providers who deliver courses. These are presented in alphabetical order:

The full list of accredited QEP training can be found on the ACMP Global QEP Courses page.

ACMP East Coast Australia is working to establish partnerships with other training providers to offer training programs which cover topics overlapping with change management, and complement and supplement the training offered by ACMP Qualified Educational Providers.

We will publish further information on courses that we add to the Academy Education page on Spotlight.


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